VIDEO: Wilbroda Narrates How Her Aunt Swindled Her 80K in Job Scam

The Papa Shirandula actor and Radio personality Jacquey Nyaminde, popularly known as Wilbroda has opened up about being conned cash by a relative.

Willbroda speaking during an exclusive interview narrated how her Aunt whom she identified as Grace, executed the well thought out job scam.

Wilbroda’s Aunt managed to convince her (Nyaminde’s) mother that she would organize for the Wilbroda’s sisters a job at an airline where she purported she was an employee.

“She contacted my mother and told her that she had landed a job at a prestigious airline,” the famous radio personality stated.

“I know you have daughters and I have already done everything. They are already through. They just need to pay some money, take photos and everything would be fine,” Wilbroda narrated.

“She admitted two of my sisters and said that they had gone through and all they need to do was pay Ksh 40, 000 each. She even bought them skirt suits,” Wilbroda recalled.

Wilbroda further narrated that after giving her aunt cash of Ksh 80, 000 to secure her sisters’ jobs, the Aunt stated that there were three more vacancies which forced her mother to share the good news to friends convinced them to raise the required Ksh40, 000 to secure their daughter a job in the airline as well.

“We were sure. We were all really excited that finally, my sisters had gotten a job. Then the other three ladies also paid her, Ksh 40, 000 each, we even had paperwork that looked very legit. Then after the paperwork, we started looking for her but she was nowhere to be seen, the number she was using to call every time was not going through,” Wilbroda narrated.

Wilbroda further narrated that one day she met one of the drivers who her Aunt had alleged was her driver and who had dropped her aunt at their house when she asked the man behind the wheel what had happened to her Aunt Grace? The man responded that his car had been hired and didn’t know the woman, except as a one-time client.

And the worst bit of it was when the sister’s friend brought police to arrest her for stealing from her recalling, “Let me tell you the worst thing. My sister’s friend who had paid Ksh 40,000 brought police officers who took her to Lang’ata Police Station and she spent two nights there.”  

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