PHOTOS: Nyali MP Mohammed Ali unmasks goon behind Aisha Jumwa’s attack linked to Governor Hassan Joho

Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali has revealed the identity of a Mombasa County employee who masterminded Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa’s attack while addressing journalists.

Mohammed Ali a former investigative journalist famed for his Jicho Pevu show, identified the man as Watata, a youthful goon linked to Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, working for Mombasa County as an inspectorate.

“Mr Watata. An employee of Msa County Inspectorate. The guy who attacked us yesterday. He is the ring leader of the goons. We are fully aware of what they are planning to do to us today,” wrote Ali on Twitter accompanied by Watata’s photos.

Screengrab of a live coverage showing the rowdy youth protesting against Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa PHOTO/TWITTER (Mohammed Ali)
Watata (circled) during a political rally graced by among others Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar PHOTO/TWITTER (Mohammed Ali)

On Friday, January 24, goons armed with stones attacked Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa and Nyali MP Mohammed Ali m as they addressed journalists.

Jumwa and Ali were addressing the media saying that they were being secluded in the secret preparation meetings of the rally.

“Meetings are being held in secrecy without involving area leaders… Joho yesterday told us that this is 001, we want to tell him that Mombasa is not his property… Junnet keep your Migori we keep your Mombasa, Migori problems are not Mombasa problems,” said Ali.

Ali further accused Mombasa Governor Ali Joho of funding the goons who stoned Jumwa when she was addressing journalists.

“Some of the goons work in the county government as inspectorate. Joho threatened us yesterday, we will be in Tononoka by land or by sea,” said Ali.

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