VIDEO: MCA Tricky Fires Back at Akothee After Warning Daughter Rue About Dating Boyfriend with Unkept Hair

Churchill show comedian MCA Tricky has responded to the Kenyan singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee after cornering her daughter Rue Baby over her supposed relationship with MCA Tricky.

Akotheee left netizens in stitches after posting a video in asking Rue about how her boyfriend was doing telling her to inform him to shave his hair.

“How is your boyfriend MCA tricky? Why are you catching feelings or are you shocked that I know?” reads Akothee’s statement in a video she posted on Instagram.

The self-proclaimed madam boss went ahead to warned the comedian that he must shave his hair if he is going to date her daughter.

“ if you think of dating a man let him shave his hair, please. @mcatricky, you will not ask for double saloon money men with this kind of hair is trouble.” Akothee captioned the video.

In a press conference MCA Tricky responded to madam boss stating his hair is in danger.

Taking to his Instagram page MCA Tricky posted a video of his statement captioning the video, â€œHair Addressing. This goes to @akotheekenya and all Barber shops in 254, kama ni kunyolewa nipelekwe SINGAPORE na @akotheesafaris.  Somebody tell @akotheekenya I AM NOOOT SHAAAVING ” but Saving.”

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