Uhuru Kenyatta’s loyalist Maina Kamanda curses DP Ruto, prays that his 2020 Presidential bid flops

    Nominated Member of Parliament Maina Kamanda has now stated that it’s his prayer that Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid flops.

    Kamanda, a man who has publicly opposed DP Ruto and swore never to back his bid made this statement while addressing the press on Monday, 13 January 2020 at the Parliament Buildings.

    “Wait for your election as president if God wants that but in my opinion, I pray that God never lets you become president (Wewe ngoja wakati wako uchaguliwe kama Mungu atakubali lakini kwa maoni ya Maina Kamanda ni ya kwamba Mungu akujalie usije ukawa president,” said Maina Kamanda.

    Kamanda also slammed DP Ruto telling him to stop acting like a President and that he should wait for his time.

    “We know that you were elected together and you were given half of the government and that’s what makes you think you are also a president. You were not elected as president, wait for your time (Tunajua mlichaguliwa pamoja na ukapewa serikali kama nusu na ndiyo inakufanya uone kama wewe pia ni president, wewe haukuchaguliwa president, ngojea wakati wako),” he stated.

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