GRAPHIC IMAGES: KDF parade bodies of slain Al Shabaab militants

    Hours after Al Shabaab militants attacked a military base in Lamu uses by Kenyan and U.S forces, photos of the aftermath of today’s battle between the US-Kenya forces and the Al Shabaab militants has surfaced online.

    Online users have on Sunday evening shared images believed to be those of slain Al Shabaab militants.

    Sourced revealed that this evening soldiers had completed the first phase of operation confirming the killing of eight Al Shabaab militants and recovered 1 PKM, 2 RPGs and 4 AK 47s.

    Among those killed in today’s attack is Kenyan Abu Hamza Al- Kinyi who acted as the Commander.

    Here are the graphic photos,

    Commander Abu Hamza Al- Kinyi PHOTO/CTNSIS (Twitter)
    Slain Al Shabaab militants PHOTO/CTNSIS (Twitter)
    Slain Al Shabaab militants PHOTO/CTNSIS (Twitter)
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