Why Alice Wahome was Terrified, Shivering before President Uhuru in Kandara

President Uhuru Kenyatta was in Kandara for the burial of second liberation hero Charles Rubia, an event that was filled with tension and political barbs which have continued to expose the deep wedge between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto. During the burial, it was apparent the Tanga Tanga brigade had motive to embarrass the president, however they retreated last minute after realizing the ground was too hostile and such a move would badly backfire on them.

When the area MP Alice Wahome, an ardent Tanga Tanga supporter and DP William Ruto ally took to the podium to speak as the host MP, she was freaked out and was disarmed at the authority and the overbearing presence of Uhuru Kenyatta who was staring at her straight in the eyes and was keen to listen at what she was about say.

Overwhelmed with fear, the MP who is very vocal on Tanga Tanga political rallies could not express herself and ended up blubbering incoherent words with intentions of hitting at the head of state, expecting a round of applause from mourners. It was failed mission.

”Your Excellency, the thing I want to say is,” she stammered. ”The thing I want to say is there is fear and some people are making phone calls when some people speak out their mind. Your Excellency, the fear of the 90s is coming back,” she continued with a shaky voice showing how much she was terrified of facing the president whom they have been fighting day and night.

When President Uhuru’s time to address the mourners came, he went straight to the point and told leaders that everyone has a right to express themselves. It was their freedom. The head of state however cautioned that such freedom should only be used to champion for the welfare of Kenyans and not to divide them further.

”We intend to uphold the freedoms and rights of every Kenyan and as progressive leaders, this we will stick to it. However these freedoms must only be used to address the welfare of Kenyans,” President Uhuru said.

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