David Murathe Spills the Beans, Reveals President Kenyatta’s 2022 New Position

David Murathe the former ruling Jubilee Party Vice Chairman has given details on how President Uhuru Kenyatta may opt to stay in power come 2022.

Murathe proclaimed that President Kenyatta would still remain the most heard Jubilee party leader and this would see him clinch the new role cascaded in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Murathe also noted that new political alignments may take shape and the nation may witness majority party leader in the Parliament form a government, in coalition with other parties, making President Kenyatta relevant and active in politics after 2022 polls.

Murathe further stated that “The only thing Kenyatta can’t do us to run for Presidency, but under the new political dispensation envisaged by the BBI team, we anticipate new political formations that will be all-encompassing and inclusive.”

“Nothing stops the President, as the leader of Jubilee, to head the government as the Executive Prime Minister as long as the party remains the largest in Kenya.” Murathe added.

This raises questions on Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential ambitions as his allies expect him to head the party in 2022 in the State House race.

“Why is the clamor of elections coming from them? Let them know and understand that Kenyatta will remain the party leader come rain or shine, and if they have plans to contest that, let them bring it on. The earlier, the better,” Murathe tells DP Ruto’s allies.

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