Shock as a Score of Women Dispaced by Floods in Kilifi Demand For More Condoms to Quench Their Sex Thirst and Satisfy Salivating Men in the Camp

A score of women flood victims in Magarini in Kilifi County on Tuesday 17 December demanded to be supplied with more condoms to quench their sex thirst forcing a public health officer to go a public forum and look for condoms to distribute to the women.

Over 2,000 women displaced by floods complained that they were likely to face sexual urges from salivating men in the camp who are eying them since they were staying in congested tents away from their spouses.

One of the women floods victims boldly stated, “Since we have been staying here for more than two weeks without our husbands who are at the farms taking care of our assets and distant towns working, we have normal women desires and can easily be convinced by men in this place to make love.”

The determined women persisted with the matter to an extent they vowed to only listen to the Public Health Officer Amos Nthenge who had toured the area to assess the situation if he addressed their plea first.

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Written by Emily Odeny


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