Dennis Itumbi’s Move Market DP’s Chicken Auctioning Event Badly Backfires, Kenyans Call Out Ruto’s Hypocrisy

Dennis Itumbi’s move to market DP William Ruto’s Chicken Auctioning event at Kambi ya Kuku in Uasin Gishu County has badly backfired. Kenyans have strongly called out the hypocrisy by William Ruto, telling him off on his pretense of claiming to be a hustler hawking chicken yet he is multi billionaire responsible for the current woes facing the country.

”On Thursday, we go back to the beginning, where the Hustler’s journey began. Kambi ya Kuku, Uasin Gishu County. Tukauze na kununua kuku,” Itumbi wrote on his social media platforms.

Unimpressed Kenyans did not wait for the ink to dry and immediately took on Itumbi for constantly trying to spin lies for the DP, with the aim of portraying him as a hustler for 2022 votes.

” Hii ndio ufala tunaita ujinga. You think we don’t recall of how your master’s corrupt dealings forced the closure of Processional Way for years until president Kibaki put an end to that circus. Jamaa wa kuku indeed. A better nickname is ‘Jamaa wa kuchukua loan na barabara’. ”- David Gakuya Kariuki says.

”We still have those people thinking that selling kuku at Kambi kuku they will be the president,when you go there tell them it is effort😂 ,”- Fred Chweya 

Martin Abuto says , ”Dennis Itumbi Stupidity, mediocrity is when you believe a multi billionaire is a hustler. When you go ahead and call him jamaa wa kuku that’s now being Sick .”

”How will this help, hii ujinga tuache jameni. Kenyans are languishing in poverty because LootAll has looted everything, making sure government tenders are awarded to his close allies as a result the project stalls then murkomen akambia to defend them,” – Murimi Muriithi 

” We must redefine the word hustler in our dictionary. Because in kenya it’s used as an insult to its citizens ”- Denis Wamuhiu

”While in America,They are strategizing on How to Colonize Mars.
#Wajinga Nyinyi,” – Ngari Kipchoge Wambui

”Who is a fool? A fool is a broke jobless Kenyan youth who is calling a billionaire a hustler. Wajinga Nyinyi,”- Kabz Nyar Kisii

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