Raila Is Not My Enemy but a Competitor, William Ruto Responds to The Standard Headline

DP William Ruto says ODM leader Raila Odinga is not his enemy as portrayed in The Standard headline on Wednesday. Instead, Ruto says Raila is his competitor and that is the richness of Kenya’s democracy which every one should celebrate.

” Enemy NOWAY? Good people I have no enemies because there is no need for baggage. Competitors yes !! That’s the richness of democracy we should celebrate,” Ruto took to Twitter.

The story in the Standard looks at political history that Ruto and Raila do not agree anymore, and that civic events should be fashioned around them in mutually hostile prisms.If the two should run against each other, therefore, it would be the ultimate battle royale and falling out of friends. They could only be expected to throw everything in this political race of their lives.

Some things would work for each of them, while others would be challenges to urgently remedy or find alternative solutions to.First would be the question of pre-election alliance formation. All the great generals who have won great battles in history began with cooperation agreements and treaties with other generals. These were sometimes treaties of cooperation.

They promised to work together in the event of an attack on any one of them. Alternatively, they entered into treaties of neutrality. If one of them should fight against a third party, the other general would not join in.

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