DP Ruto Running Out of Cash, Sells Two of His Choppers to Maintain His Expensive Political Lifestyle

Over the past few months, the weekend donations to churches and public harambees running into hundreds of millions by DP William Ruto have significantly reduced. Ruto is currently on a financial turmoil and a dry patch. In the recent past, he has cut down his huge donations and millions that he once used to splash around. Ruto’s office in Karen used to be busy every Friday as MPs trooped to receive then popular weekend allowances.

According to report on Weekly Citizen, a decision by powerful people surrounding Uhuru Kenyatta to shut Ruto source of money that was received from parastatal CEOs he helped land lucrative posts in Energy has dealt major blow on him.
To complicate matters is the decision by state to secretly investigate Ruto and his allies’ bank accounts locally and internationally that led to the withdrawal of the old Sh1000 notes.

Some of the indications that all is not well with the DP are seen at most of the constructions of properties associated with him across the country that have stalled and nothing is moving on. Furher, he recently disposed off residential houses along Jogoo road.
One such property is the stalling of the building of the hotel on the Indian Ocean in Mombasa which is associated with him and is part of Weston Hotel chain but under the name Dolphin Hotel. The report continues.

Nema raised concerns over the construction of the 600 bedroomed hotel on a 10-acre parcel. The hotel cost runs into millions and had been on track for two years. The hotel which will the biggest in Mombasa is registered under Weston Hotel Limited but the project title is ‘Proposed Alteration and Extension of Dolphin Hotel’. Weekly Citizen has infromation just like Weston Hotel where a controversial land title deed was charged at Kenya Commercial Bank to fund the construction, the same maybe with Dolphin Hotel once associted with jailed Asian tycoon Ketan Somaia who passed it to Kamlesh Pattni.
Incidentally, according to another source the construction of the the DP’s palatial house in Moiben constituency in Uasin Gishu has also gone slow. It is not clear whether it is because of cash crunch but it seems that there is a problem. It is suspected, the construction materials were delivered by those involved in dam construction and with probe, everything came to a standstill.
Sources say that over 300employees who were in construction and the planting of avocado in the 1200-acre Moiben land have been laid off indefinitely.
Lately, the number of MPs who move around with the deputy president has reduced significaly and the reason according to insiders is because the amount that they earn has reduced significantly.

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