Raila’s Aide Decries Constant Court Battles to See his Sons, Says he is Tired of Seeking Court’s Permission to See his Children

Raila Odinga’s personal aide Silas Jakakimba has taken to social media to air his frustration at the children’s court where he has been denied access to his two sons. Jakakimba says he has spent the last three years to ensure his parental duties are secured and he is given a chance to take care of the needs of his two sons, something that has not been forthcoming.

” For THREE YEARS I’ve fought hard in the Children’s Court, Nairobi – to ensure my Parental Rights and Duties over Gavana Kiprono and Rotarian Kiprotich are secured. This was first necessitated by being denied access to them for over 4 months from June 2017 till I went to Court end of September 2017,” Jakakimba writes.

He says his message to the defendant, to get express orders from the same courts for access and school visits have not only been breached but also ignored. He has accused the advocate and the defendant for ganging up to deny him a chance to be with his sons for the half holidays.

”Sadly, I’ve had to approach the same Courts severally after its Express Orders on Access and School Visits have been breached. The latest has seen both the Advocate of the Defendant and the Defendant herself ganging up to refuse to give me my kids for Half Holidays, which should have happened on 1st Dec. 2019 at 10am. My messages and calls to the Defendant have been ignored,” he added.

He is however now making impolite request to see his sons and has issued an ultimatum of not later than 5pm today.

”My Advocate on record, George Ogembo, has tried reaching his learned friend since last week – flat. I am IMPOLITELY asking both the Defendant and Duncan Okatch, Advocate, to IMMEDIATELY avail to me my sons or cause them to be availed INSTANT not later than 5pm TODAY.”

”I am NOT going to any Court again over this. Whereas some folks may misinterpret the move herein, I know I have done it in the Best interests of My Sons and My Own as their Father. ”

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