BREAKING: Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei Arrested Over Hate Speech

    The DCI has arrested Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei this afternoon following his hateful remarks he made at Kilibwoni Primary School in Nandi on 17th August.While announcing his arrest, the DCI says the senator contravened Section 62 of the constitution.

    In the remarks, Senator Cherargei is captured in a short video clip which circulated online warning the Deputy President’s detractors of unspecified action.

    “Those who are fighting the Deputy President, we (sic) are profiling you … if you fight [the] DP you’re fighting us. Don’t think he doesn’t have supporters,” Cherargei told mourners.He added, “as his supporters if you continue fighting the DP we are marking you and profiling you. When the time comes we will deal with you. Even the DP has supporters and should be respected.”

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