Big Blow to Moses Kuria as Speaker Muturi Rejects His Motion for Public Debt Inquiry

    The vocal Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria alleged quest for fame through a motion to form ad-hoc committee to inquire into the country’s debt has hitter a stumbling block as the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has rejected the motion.

    Explaining the reason for rejecting Kuria’s motion, Muturi said the matters intended to be addressed by the proposed committee is already under the Departmental Committee on Finance and National Planning so their was no need of forming an independent committee.

    Muturu further said the Treasury has submitted statutory reports and statistics on government loans, garantors, the National Debt Management Strategies and other related reports. 

    “These matters are still pending before the committee on Finance and National Planning and the Budget and Appropriations committee. The MP is a member of the latter committee,” Muturi stated.

    The National Assembly chief also said that a committee can only be formed and set up to inquire into any matter if the existing committee has not addressed the debt matters adequately.

    “It is, therefore, imperative that members utilize the existing opportunities in committees to address matters affecting the society, ” Muturi added.

    Moses Kuria’s motion wanted the House to set a Select Committee to monitor and investigate the Public Debt Situation, borrowing trends of the government in the past 20 years. 

    Kuria’s motion also wanted the selected committee to investigate and inquire into the processes, terms, and status of the government’s past and current domestic and external debt. 

    The Gatundu South legislator had proposed 15 names for the membership of the select committee with him as the chairperson which did not sound well to some MPs who rather bashed him claiming he is trying to seek fame using the motion as the stepping stone.

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