Why DP Ruto is Going through what Raila Odinga Experienced under Mwai Kibaki as PM

At the height of push and pull between President Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga, who was the then Prime Minister in the Grand Coalition government, Odinga’s wing of government was going through state sponsored frustration meant to undermine the PM’s office. Mwai Kibaki’s inner circle declared a total war on Raila’s wing of government, an onslaught that was being led by none other Mutea Iringo, the then PS in the Ministry of Interior. PS Iringo was a feared Harambee House operative who took direct orders from President Kibaki to ensure Raila’s wing’s were effectively clipped. This is what DP William Ruto is currently going through. Difference is, only the players have changed.

Today, PS Mutea Iringo has been replaced by the no nonsense Harambee House technocrat Karanja Kibicho, a feared administrator who has direct access to President Uhuru Kenyatta. He is supported by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Super CS, Fred Matiangi, who has won accolades and admiration from the head of state. This is the duo that ha reduced DP William Ruto to a mere spectator in Jubilee Government. Even though their 2013 elections agreement with President Kenyatta was sharing the government in half, President Uhuru made sure he got hold of the key ministries which had the real power. These ministries were Interior and National Coordination, Defense and Foreign Affairs. Just like it happened to Raila Odinga during the formation of Grand Coalition government.

During the Grand Coalition government, PM Raila Odinga would find himself in awkward situations when all his public functions went ignored by local state officers and the provincial administration. PS Mutea Iringo would order local county commissioners and chiefs to give Odinga’s functions a wide berth the same thing that currently is happening to DP Ruto. Ruto and his men have constantly complained of county commissioners not attendeing DP Ruto’s functions and at a number of instances security being withdrawn from the DP’s events. They always cite direct orders from PS Karanja Kibicho.

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