VIDEO: Kenya Police Chopper Rescuing Fisherman Stuck On an Island for Two Days at 14 Falls in Athi River

Kenya Police Rescue Team has successfully evacuated a fisherman who got stuck at 14 Falls Athi River for more than two days. In videos circulated online calling for rescue, the man identified as Vincent Musila was seen standing in an island surrounded by the fast flowing water leaving him stranded not knowing what to do. Efforts by locals to save him failed due to the ranging waters forcing the government to launch a rescue operation.

After a distress call by area MP Patrick Wainanina, Kenya Police flew in to Musila who waited eagerly for the chopper as it landed on the small island before he boarded it and left the island with the police. There was a moment of jubilation as locals who were also waiting on the shores of the river celebrated the successful rescue.

“Great thanks to our Police and to the Airwing department for heeding my office call and coming to the rescue one Vincent Musila who had remained stuck for 4 days in the middle of Athi river at 14 falls as the water levels continued to rise,” said Wainaina.

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