Raila Wins Big in Parliament as Speaker Justine Muturi Sides with Him Over BBI Report Implementation Through Referendum

    The Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) leader Raila Odinga quest to have Build Bridges Initiative (BBI) report implemented through referendum gains a major milestone after the National Assembly Assembly Speaker Justne Muturi sided with on the same.

    According to Monday, 2 December Daily Nations Report, the National Assembly Speaker ruled out the possibility of the BBI report being subjected to debate by the National Assembly members and instead opted to have it taken for public opinion.

    Addressing congregation during a Church fundraising meeting in Uriri constituency in Migori county hosted by area leaders, Muturi reiterated the idea of Kenyans need to read the BBI report and understand it after which decide on how to go about it.

    “It has no way of coming to parliament. Let it be there with the people. You all know well that the report cannot be brought to the floor of the house before I approve, and I have said that it belongs to the people and it has no route to parliament,” Muturi stated.

    The National Assembly chief affirmed that his view was informed by the idea that the BBI report was a people-centered initiative that should be looked into by the public who are the biggest report’s beneficiaries, and not the National Assembly.

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