‘Atwoli’ Deletes His Twitter Account After Receiving Heavy Blows From Miguna Miguna

A Twitter account believed to belong to Central Organisation of Trade Unions Secretary-general Francis Atwoli’s name was on the morning of Monday, December 2,deleted after an online spat with lawyer Miguna Miguna.

It all started when the Trade Unionist decided to lecture Kenyan Youth on matter constitution averring that Constitutions are made by old men and that they do not need the input of the young blood.

To prove his point, Atwoli even cited the United States constitution explaining that it was created by five old men without involving the youth.

“Youths (sic) must be very shallow to think that constitutions are written by youths (sic). The American constitution which is one of the oldest in the world was prepared by old men and they never consulted the youths (sic),” shared the account that bore the handle @sg_atwoli

Miguna stung by ire for the obvious contempt towards the youth took a swipe at the COTU leader arguing that however old the team that created the US constitution was, the team was highly learned and that they were not too old.

This prompted Atwoli to remind Miguna that he was not a Kenyan and that he had better prospects channeling his energy towards the success of Canada.

Miguna then let the floodgates lose. He even schooled Atwoli on his grammar.

“The plural of youth is youth. ‘Youths’ may exist in your despotic language but it does not exist in English language,” he stated.

Other Kenyans joined the conversation and many seemed to agree with Miguna.

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