How Love for Books Led a Form Two Teenage Girl to Her Painful Death After Being Stabbed 10 Times

    Quest for knowledge led a form two student identified as Vallery Njeri to her painful death after being stabbed 10 times by a form three student.      

    The events that led to the killing of a teenage girl started off with what looked like an innocent act of responsibility by the girl who loved books, ended with her brutal killing after multiple stabs by a trusted friend and a neighbor.

    According to police accounts, the form two girl had returned a Chemistry book she had borrowed from a form three neighbour who started making sexual advances at her, and when she refused to have a sexual intercourse with him, a fight ensued between them.

    The girl overwhelmed the boy and when she tried escaping, the boy stabbed her using the knife he was chopping French beans with, Njeri collapsed but was still breathing, after the knife he used to stab her first broke, he rushed to the kitchen, grabbed another knife and delivered more blows on her helpless body on the ground.

    After confirming she was dead, he then dragged her body under his bed where it stayed for the better part of the night, cleaned the room and joined his family for dinner.

    After sharing a meal with family, he returned to his room, waited for his parents to sleep and slightly before dawn, it is believed that he woke up, dragged the body and placed it outside their compound.

    The parents of the boy found him reading as early as 5AM which was not his routine as it is said by parents’ he didn’t love books.

    “He had become lazy when it came to studying and I was shocked to find him reading hours before the body was found,” the boy’s mother, Susan Warugu stated.

    The boy was among first people who had been questioned by Njeri’s parents on whether he knew where Njeri was, and he had said he had not seen her.

    It didn’t take one of the policemen’s time to notice something was not right as the boy had a cut on his foot, and his shorts had traces of dried blood and when they shone they checked his room, they noticed a blood trail that led to his bed. They then took him in for questioning and the boy confessed of ending Njeri’s life.


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