Waititu’s Castigate Political Enemies, Announces a Major Comeback Before the Year Ends

    The embattled Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu announced that he has hopes of resuming back to the office and continues with his official duties as the county chief and operate from the county’s headquarters freely.

    Speaking at Limuru, Governor Waititu expressed so much hope in making it back to the office before the year ends.

    “I have been praying to get my leadership power back and these prayers are getting answered soon. I believe I will be back in the office within the month of December.” Waititu stated.

    Waititu further castigated his political enemies calling them opportunists who only took advantage of his misfortunes to attain power through the back door.

    Waititu’s bitter statement describing his political enemies reads, “There are people I carried on my back to clinch power. They used my ride to get to their offices in the County Government of Kiambu but later became betrayal chiefs. We know them and how they have worked hard to bring me down. We are eventually fighting our way out and we shall emerge victoriously.”

    Waititu also acknowledged his political courage, exhibiting much courage in winning his battles, claiming no one can threaten him on political grounds.

    The embattled Kiambu chief further remarked, “I have fought many political battles in my political career, this is no exception. I have always been a winning politician and this is not a war to lose,” adding “My enemies may try to insult me and tarnish my name with the intention of gaining political mileage through tarnishing my name. This does not contribute to leaving me beaten in any way.”

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