Video: Bomet Woman Rep. Vows to Do What it Takes to End Raila’s Political Career

    Bomet Woman Representative Joyce Korir, on Friday, November 29 during the Inua Mama rally in Wajir County vowed to end the ODM leader Raila Odinga’s political career.

    Addressing the congregation at the Inua Mama rally in Wajir County, the Jubilee Legislator not only vowed to end the opposition Chief’s political career but also to ensure Build Bridges Initiative (BBI) is implemented the way it was presented to the public, as it spelled doom for Raila’s political career.

    The Bomet lawmaker further applauded President Uhuru Kenyatta on BBI report release and presentation to the public claiming it’s a good weapon that would help in sending Odinga home.

    “Let me thank the president for releasing the BBI report to the public after almost a year of waiting. You gave Raila and his team time to go create the BBI (report) and bring back to you. Now we will pass it as it is without any changes,” Joyce stated.

    The Jubilee lawmaker also claimed that Raila anticipated getting to power by having a powerful prime minister introduced by BBI.

    Joyce further pledged to ensure the National Assembly doesn’t change the BBI report’s recommendation believing if implemented the way it is, it would make the position lucrative to Odinga.

    The legislator also told off ODM MPs who are worried about the National Assembly implementing the proposals claiming they don’t trust them and wanted it to be subjected to a referendum.

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