Kenya Becomes First Country in the World to Install First Ever Solar Plant Water Purifier


Kenyan once again is high up in the global map after being the first country to install the first ever Solar Plant which transforms Ocean water into clean and healthy drinking water. Located in Kiunga, an NGO named ‘GivePower’ built the first ever solar water farm turning the region’s saltwater, mainly from the Indian Ocean into clean and sustainable drinking water. The farm uses a filtrating system that desalinates the brackish liquid to produce enough water for 35,000 people every day.

Today, round 2.2 billion people struggle because they don’t have safe access to drinking water which could seem pretty ironic considering we live on a planet that is 2/3 water. However, GivePower might have just found a solution to this problem.

GivePower started off in 2013 as a nonprofit branch of SolarCity, Elon Musk’s failed solar-panel company that was eventually absorbed into Tesla in 2016. Barnard spun off GivePower into its own organization before the merger.

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