Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina Causes Online Uproar with his Anti-Kikuyu Tweet

Outspoken Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has caused an online uproar with his tweet asking why the country is talking about inclusivity yet all plum state positions are held by Kikuyus, across all state parastatals and corporations. Ole Kina, who is one of the leading ODM voices in Maasai land, questioned why the country is talking about the BBI when one tribe continues to dominate the country’s most lucrative positions.

”This hypocrisy of inclusivity in Kenya must end! Kenyans wake up! How do you justify filling all positions with one tribe ? Kenya Power new MD is Kikuyu, KenGen MD is kikuyu , NTSA is kikuyu, REA is kikuyu the board of KPC has 4 Kikuyus out of 9 members! And you talk of BBI?” Ole Kina tweeted.

The senator also took an issue with the way the BBI Report is currently saying it cannot be implemented with the proposals as they are, without being adjusted. He says, the report as currently constituted supports imperial presidency, something he has vowed not to support.

”We maintain the Status quo for now! If we implement the report the way it is, we will devide kenya further … there is no way I will support a report that creates an imperial presidency – no way!” he said.

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