DP Ruto Caves In, Now Supports Referendum Calls

Even though he was initially opposed to the country going for a plebiscite, DP William Ruto is now open to the idea of the country going to a referendum to pass the BBI Report. While speaking in Narok South on Friday, the DP said if called upon, the BBI would go to the people so as to ammend and pass the document, especially on sections that need the public’s views.

“We have read it (report) and there are some parts of it that could be implemented through commissions, policies and if there shall be a referendum, then it would be best we develop a consensus so that the process does not become divisive,” said Dr Ruto, while attending a thanksgiving ceremony for nominated MP David Ole Sankok at Enkare-Ng’iro in Narok South.

“If there shall be clauses that will need a referendum, let us go to it as a united people. Let us avoid the issues of hate, division, and such threats like there will be a Tsunami and such. We have experienced poll chaos in every election and we should avoid that route,” he added

Already, a number of legislators largely drawn from the Tanga Tanga wing of Jubilee have drawn a line in the sand, saying the country is not ready for any referendum anytime soon. Majority leader in the National Assembly questioned Raila’s intentions when he insists the country must go to a referendum.

“From where I sit, I think Raila, who was a co-owner of the BBI, does not want this document. Maybe it did not come out as he expected it to and that is why he is now giving these conditions, he just wants to thwart the whole thing,” said Duale.

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