David Ndii Explains Why He Prefers Ruto As 2022 Presidential Candidate and Not Raila

The former NASA strategist David Ndii has given an explanation why his preferred presidential candidate in 2022 general election would be the Deputy President William Ruto and not the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga if Raila would be interested in presidential race.

The economist replying to a question from Twitter user why he is sympathising with the DP Ruto while bashing President Uhuru Kenyatta and the ODM chief Odinga. 

One of the Twitter users by the name Vincent Mwanzo highlighted that both Ruto and Uhuru kept Raila from the presidency, adding, “I’m shocked you are supporting him (Ruto) currently.” 

Ndii claimed that the opposition chief traded people’s quest for electoral justice for a personal, gain with the country’s head.

“But if God forbid we must suffer one evil, let us suffer Ruto. Him, we have a fighting chance. If we don’t uproot the dynasties in 2022, they will enslave up to our grandchildren,” Ndii stated.

Ndii further claimed that Ruto was a better candidate than “selfish families which despise us, and expect to be treated like royalty.”

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