Uhuru’s Cousin Reveals How Uhuru’s Presidency Has Affected His Relationship with Family, Says He is Paying a Hefty Price for it

The former Kiambu Woman Representative and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cousin Anna Gathecha Nyokabi has revealed how Uhuru’s power rice has affected his relationship with the entire Kenyatta Family.

The former Kiambu woman representative noted that the president’s interaction with his relatives, those close to him included, had following his tight schedule job demands.

Annah further stated that President Kenyatta no longer had time to attend family meetings frequently as he used to before he assumed the presidency role in 2013. 

Annah added that her cousin’s job is so demanding forcing him to
even skip personal events in order to attend to Kenyans.

Explaining in detail, Anna stated, “He missed a function because of the West Pokot disaster and its just a matter of accomplishments that he is set out to achieve that makes it important for him to ensure that he is available for Kenyans, ” adding, “He needs to ensure that he is available to deliver on his legacy project and deliver for the members of the country.”

Even though it was so hard for her and the family to accept Uhuru’s role was crucial to the country at large they had no choice but to move on.

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