DP Ruto’s Close Allies Sighs in Relief as Uhuru’s Choices Narrows to PM or DP at the End of His second Term

A section of the Deputy President William Ruto have sighed in relief as after the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report seems to have put to an end the speculation that President Uhuru Kenyatta might be interested in extending stay in power after the 2022 general poll.

According to DP Ruto’s close aides BBI report understanding, the way has been cleared for Ruto as the law bars President Kenyatta from seeking another term.

The two positions that the country’s head could go for after the end of his term are Prime Minister or Deputy President, which would be the same as a demotion.

If the President opt for PM’s post, it would be as stripping him off powers to ceremonial position where he will serve at the mercies of both his successor and the Parliament.

“Within a set number of days following the summoning of Parliament after an election, the President shall appoint as Prime Minister, an elected Member of the National Assembly from a political party having the majority of members in the National Assembly or, if no political party has the majority, one who appears to have the support of the majority of MPs,” the BBI report taskforce recommends.

One DP Ruto’s aide noted that having Mr Kenyatta running again is the only way of stopping Ruto from takeover of central Kenya region.

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