Referendum or Not? Raila, Ruto Headed for Another BBI Clash

    Politicians allied to both Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto have already drawn battle lines over the BBI Report and one of the most outstanding issues is whether the country should go through a referendum or if the changes should be effected in parliament, without going through the people driven popular initiative.

    Yesterday at Bomas of Kenya, the lines were apparent when both Raila Odinga and William Ruto explicitly stated their preferences on how they would like the document passed or amended. Where as Odinga prefers a people driven, popular initiative, Ruto says Parliament should effect the changes and pass it without the document necessarily going to the people.

    ”This is just the beginning. This is a first step to initiate a national conversation. It is from here that the document will be taken to the people for their views. A committee of experts will be created to look into the various sections that need to be changed and then it will be taken to the people, to decide whether they want it or not,” Raila said at Bomas.

    DP Ruto however was skeptical, insisting that the report should go the parliament way, without necessarily having to go to an election.

    ”We now have a report which will be tabled in parliament and our Members of Parliament, both at the National Assembly and the Senate know the role they have been given to ensure all the proposals in this document are passed,” DP Ruto said.

    With Raila and Ruto taking contradicting positions, it is expected this will be another battle front for the two leaders with their respective allied advancing their positions.

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