Has Raila’s Team Been Shortchanged in The BBI Report, ODM Leaders Now Demand Referendum

    The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report doesn’t quite seem to have thrilled the side allied to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. In a twist of political fate, its erstwhile detractors ,that is, the Tanga Tanga team have not stopped beaming with glee ever since the report was released.

    The report for instance has proposed the retention of the 47 counties and called on them to consider forming regional blocs.

    This is a setback to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party which had proposed repealing of County Governments Act 2012, to be replaced with Devolved Governments Act and Regional Public Service Boards Act.

    In its submissions to the task force, Raila Odinga’s party had proposed the introduction of 14 regional governments as per the Bomas Draft, and creation of regional assemblies comprising all members of county assemblies in each region.

    A regional government has control on their specific small area and occurs when city and counties merge to form a single regional government.

    One of the most notable proposals put forward by the BBI report is the creation of a Prime Minister’s post.

    The BBI report proposes that the Prime Minister be nominated by the President from among members of the National Assembly and the appointment approved by the same House.

    The PM’s role, according to the BBI report, shall be to control and supervise execution of day-to-day affairs of the national government as well as lead government business in Parliament.

    And in line with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s wish to end the culture of winner-take-all politics, the BBI team proposes creation of the office of the leader of Opposition who shall be an ex-official Member of Parliament.

    Further, following the failed experimentation of only having technocrats as Cabinet secretaries, the BBI team also proposes allowing the President power to appoint some members of Parliament as Ministers of State to assist Cabinet Ministers in their work at the National Assembly.

    But the presidential system of government remains, led by a President and Deputy President.

    Voices allied to Raila ha been calling for an Executive Prime Minter’s post with talk rife that Uhuru would go for the PM post with Raila as the President.

    Already, leaders allied to ODM have already began expressing their pessimism with the report

    Lawyer Ahmednassir also insinuates that Raila has been played.

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