London Strips Off Uber License Over Security and Safety

Uber operations halted in London after losing the license to carry passengers on Monday 25 November over security and safety failure.

The Transport for London regulator stated that the unauthorized drivers were uploading their pictures on other registered drives accounts which have seen different drivers picking up passengers rather than the advertised driver to pick up the passengers.

The troubled taxi firm has said they will appeal to get the license back which is likely to include court action and could take time to regain the license back to allow about 45,000 Uber drivers in London.

The London transport sector regulator had identified Uber’s frequent failure including quite a number of breaches that put passengers at risk and some journeys are not insured claiming they have no confidence that the same will not occur again in the future making them conclude that Uber is not fit for passengers transportation currently.

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    Written by Emily Odeny




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