Shock and Dismay as Millions of County Money are Traced to Mike Sonko’s Personal Accounts

    EACC has trailed millions of county money into Nairobi Governor’s personal accounts, after conducting in depth investigations that has exposed Mike Sonko’s corrupt ways.

    EACC forensic investigator Simon Cherpka alleges, Sh27.4 million was wired into Sonko’s accounts at Equity Bank from three companies which had been awarded multi-million shilling contracts under questionable circumstances by the county government. This is according to a report in The Standard.

    “Between June 2017 and February 2019, investigations have revealed massive fraud, procurement irregularities, misappropriation of public funds and conflict of interest through inconsistent and exaggerated payments made to individuals and proxy companies at City Hall,” says Mr Cherpka in an affidavit filed in court.

    He claims contracts were awarded without following due procedure and millions of shillings found its way back to the governor’s personal accounts and county officials who were part of the deals.

    EACC filed the affidavit as Sonko continued with attempts to stop the commission from summoning him, continuing with investigations or prosecuting him in relation to the alleged corruption at City Hall.He, however, failed for a second time yesterday to obtain orders restraining the EACC as Justice John Onyiego deferred the hearing of the application to Thursday next week.

    The report on The Standard continues says investigations over the alleged fraudulent garbage collection contract with Hardi Enterprises Ltd, Mr Cherpka claims that the county secretary, an appointee of Governor Sonko, usurped his powers and hurriedly appointed a committee to award the contract.

    “Evidence established that the negotiation committee meeting was pre-arranged with a common understanding that the six bidders agree on same rates after which the tender was awarded to Hardi Enterprises Ltd in June 2018 even though it did not meet the requirements,” he claims.

    He alleges, The Standard reports, that in a period of five months between October 2018 and March 2019, Hardi Enterprises Ltd received a total of Sh357 million from the county for purported solid waste collected and disposed.

    Interestingly, he says the vehicles the company claims to have used for garbage collection included saloon cars, vans and motor cycles which have no capacity to haul waste and the registered owners of the vehicles denied leasing them to the company.

    He says records from the Registrar of Companies showed that directors of Hardi Enterprises Ltd are Anthony Mwaura and Rose Njeri, and further analysis of their accounts showed that they transferred Sh55.8 million to the accounts of Toddy Civil Engineering Company Ltd which they also own.

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