Why DP William Ruto Urgently Want Women Rep Fatuma Gedi Out of Parliament

Deputy President William Ruto wants Wajir Women Representative Fatuma Gedi out of parliament, by any mean necessary. This explains the constant wars waged against the Women Rep by the Tanga Tanga wing of Jubilee. MP Gedi, who is elected on a Jubilee Party ticket is one of the leading luminaries of Team Embrace, a pro-handshake movement bringing together female politicians from across the political divide to support the unity pact between Uhuru and Raila.

Gedi’s dalliance with Raila Odinga and ODM has upset DP Ruto’s camp because she was among the women leaders whose influence has been growing since joining parliament in 2017. She has been a close associate of DP Ruto and was a prominent member of the defunct URP Party, as such Ruto has been seeing her as a 2022 asset. She was the URP party’s Chair of the Women League/Trainer of Trainers (Gender and Leadership). By decamping DP’s camp and joining Odinga, a sworn political rival of Ruto, the DP feels betrayed and has vowed to finish her politically.

However, the defiant MP whose political claws are growing each day has refused to be intimidated into submission to the demands of country’s political vultures. She has stood her ground on what she believes in, and that is, the country’s unity and the handshake.

She is among the first Jubilee MPs who took it upon themselves to mobilize resources and drum up support for ODM’s Imran Okoth in the just concluded Kibra by-election. She questioned why Jubilee was fielding a candidate in an ODM stronghold yet it had not fielded a candidate in the last two by-elections, where the constituencies were perceived ODM strongholds.

Trying to muzzle her way in the male dominated political scene has come with its downsides. Her political detractors have tried to not only use every trick in the book to bring her down but also they have at one instant physically assaulted her in Parliament. In June this year, she was physically assaulted by Wajir East MP Rashid Kassim, an ardent DP Ruto supporter within Parliament precincts. However, the Wajir Women Rep has remained unbowed as her political ship keeps steadying.

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