Raila Holds a Meeting With Nairobi County Legislators, Tells Them What He Wants Them to Protect at All Cost

    ODM Leader Raila Odinga

    The orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga sternly warned the ODM Members of Nairobi County Assembly and other MCAs from affiliated parties after their Tuesday 19 November Meeting.

    Raila speaking at the Chungwa House meeting with MCAs and ODM Youth Delegates, ODM chief reminded the legislators their main duty in the county assemblies is to put checks and balances on county governments for smooth running of the county and effective services delivery to the people.

    The ODM Director of Communication Philip Etale taking to his Facebook page stated, Raila warned the legislators to desist from constant wrangles over leadership in the county assembly, which he termed as a big blow to the fruits of devolution.

    The ODM chief Statement reads, “We fought so hard for devolution and we should not make it fail by frequent wrangling, you must defend it at all costs.”

    Raila also asked David Njilithia Mberia the new Minority Leader to ensure equal representation of party and MCAs coalition in the committees of the assembly to avoid issues amongst themselves.

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