The Entire Joho’s Cabinet Vacates Office Uppon the Expiry of Their Contracts

    The entire Mombasa County Governor Hassan Ali Joho cabinet has vacated the office after the expiry of their contracts on Tuesday 12 November.

    Joho’s ten CECs on Tuesday were witnessed clearing from their offices as some appeared anxious of their future despite knowing they signed for two-year contracts which were ending.

    A section of Joho’s CECs served in his previous administration since the invention of the devolved county governments in 2013.

    According to the Officials, the departure of the whole cabinet will not hinder or slow the county’s daily operations and service delivery under the devolved government even though it is not clear when Joho will create a new county government.

    Reports indicate the Mombasa County Chief is expected to reconstitute his government in a few days or weeks as report revealed that some of CECs will be retained in the expected changes and the new nominees will have to be vetted by the county government assembly.

    The contracts of the Mombasa County CECs’ indicate they assumed office on 12 November 2017 and their contract ended 12 November 2019, which marks two years.

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