Oparanya and his boss Raila Manipulated Census Data for Politics, Moses Kuria Claims

The just released 2019 Census results continue to draw reaction from country’s politicians who have connected the results with the upcoming elections. Gatundu MP Moses Kuria took issue with Raila Odinga and Wycliffe Oparanya whom he claims manipulated the 2009 census to suit their political interests.

 Oparanya tabled a revised post-census report in Parliament, showing that figures in Lagdera, Mandera East, Mandera Central, Mandera West, Wajir East, Turkana North, Turkana South, and Turkana Central sub-counties had been inflated in the 2009 population count.

The initial figures read that the regions (Mandera and Garissa) had 2.35 million people but the revised figures presented by the minister indicated 1.3 million people as the actual population size.

This was a basis that Kuria used to state that the figures had been reduced in the region so as to stifle the political and developmental standing of the region.

In a strange twist, however, the now-defunct CORD in 2015, led by Raila Odinga, considered joining a court case in which leaders from three counties of Northern Kenya challenged plans by the national government to reduce national resources

Kuria posted on his Facebook page, stating that he could read politics in the move and alleged that it was an attempt by Odinga to right his political mistakes in a bid to remain relevant.

“Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya and his boss Raila Odinga acquiesced for political expediency. Shame! Now the people who cooked the 2019 [sic] Census ensured they ate the bigger portion of the national cake by keeping the rest of the country divided. Once we unite this country they are out of business,” he stated.

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