DCI Cracks Whip On Winners’ Chapel Pastors Over Occult Teachings

Pastors allied to popular city church, Winners Chapel International, made it to the top of DCI’s radar after the clerics were flagged for recruiting, teaching and aiding occultism.

The group mostly made of pastors of Nigerian decent, are accused of luring innocent Kenyans into occultism with the promise of mouthwatering riches and a kingly lifestyle. As a result, a number of Kenyans have been lead to dangerous occult practices for lack of knowledge.

Together with strings of pastors from many unpopular city churches, the pastors were nabbed and grilled by DCI officers to help crack the underworld syndicate that is now threatening the safety of thousands of Kenyans.

It’s alleged that police pounced on the cult lead by the aforementioned pastors following investigations into the murder of the Catholic priest, whose murder is attributed to cult related rituals.

It’s reported that believers are encouraged to terminate human life in order to be recognized as staunch members of the cult groups. The shocking revelation has raised questions on the authenticity of pastors and safety of believers running to God’s feet only to end up as recruits into suspicious cults.

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