K24 Journalists Take to Social Media to Bemoan “Fake TV Life” After Mass Firing at The Uhuru-Ruto Owned Media House

President Uhuru and DP Ruto owned Media Max has fired journalists and Editors en masse. The journalists cut across from People Daily, K24, Kameme TV and others. Consequently, K24 anchor Eric Njoka took to Instagram to express angst and regret after falling victim of the lay off.

The journalist with over ten years of experience in media, took to Instagram to reveal that his biggest regret in life was “choosing media as a career.”

Njoka further stated that a career in media wasn’t as glamorous as it appeared to be.

“Many have asked me about this but things aren’t always what they seem. I have spent more than a decade doing this, even though I am driven by the passion that motivates me every day.

“There are those amongst us who have made it look so grandiose and only for the selected few, a conveyor belt society and system,” he stated.

He faulted the system that allowed for any person not qualified in media to have a career in the profession.

“In simple terms, I cannot be a lawyer but a law graduate can easily be me and succeed swiftly in this career, it’s TV or radio after all, what could be so hard? Just look and sound good,” he opined.

He further lamented that it was easy for any person to have a career in media with the only prerequisite being that they have to appeal to the Kenyan audience.

“It’s a reality that I and many others have to live with. It’s not fair but it is what it is,” he concluded.

His colleague Mwanaisha Chidzuga, on her part graciously reacted to the layoff by revealing her next steps. Chidzuga who is politician Mungatana’s wife revealed that her contract was scheduled to end in November 2019, and that she was, in fact, a caterer by profession and her engagement with the broadcaster was on a part-time basis.

“For me, K24 TV was part-time. I am a full-time caterer and I own three restaurants. K24 was a hobby and I used to work like 12 hours the whole month,” Chidzuga revealed.

She further revealed that she was working for only 12 hours every month as a news anchor and with the gig gone, she was going to fully concentrate on running her three restaurants.

“For me. That was a side hustle, I have my main hustle. Right now, I have three restaurants to run, that is where my focus is and I am opening a new one soon, before the end of the year,” she confided.

When asked whether she would further pursue a career in television, Chidzuga plainly answered that she was going to concentrate on her catering business and that the TV job was just a side hustle.

Among those who were fired are Franklin Wambugu (Managing Editor, Swahili), Ali Mtenzi (Deputy Managing Editor), Torome Tirike (Head of sports), Tony Timase (Head of Business) Senior Reporter Frankilin Macharia and Swahili Anchor Juma Bhalo.

Chidzuga joined K24 TV in November 2015, after reportedly being fired by KTN while preparing to present a show.

Another Swahili anchor Ahmed Bhalo elected to pen down a farewell message to his viewers.

Bhalo, who used to host K24 Wikendi alongside Mwanaisha Chidzuga, pointed out that everything comes to an end adding that he respected the changes being done at the station.

 “Hakuna kilichokua na mwanzo kikakosa mwisho. Tarehe 30/10/2019 ilikua siku yangu ya mwisho ya safari yangu kama mwanahabari wa @k24tv kufuatia mabadiliko yanayopania ‘kuboresha’ kampuni hiyo. Shukran kwenu nyote muliofanikisha safari yangu ya miaka 4 katika kituo hicho. Allah akipenda tutaonana kwingine. Daima alipangalo Mungu hakuna wa kulipangua. #Anchor001@houseofbhalo,” said Bhalo.

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