Raila Odinga’s Family Loses Battle, As Court Gives Media Immunity To Cover The Family’s Inheritance War

A Nairobi High court has ruled in favor of the press after it declined to bar journalists from covering the row between Raila Odinga’s family and their widowed daughter in law, Lwam.

During the Wednesday, October 16 session, Justice Aggrey Mchelule argued that the media had all the rights to publish information before the court but warned journalist against revealing names of minors involved in the case.

The application to have the press barred from covering the case came a few days after a dramatic exchange between Odinga’s family and a famous media house. The standard was forced to recall their publication which had unapologetically covered the glaring story on their front page.

In the row that has so far become Media’s hot topic, Raila Odinga’s wife, Ida Odinga and daughter Winnie moved to Court to bar widow Lwam Bekele, from administering the late Fidel Odinga’s multi-million estate.

According to the two, the late Fidel sired twins out of wedlock who were reportedly born 6 months after his death. As a result, Lwam being the sole administrator of Fidel’s vast empire, would likely disinherit the twins.

It’s however reported that Lwam stood her ground saying she was okay with the twins being part of the inheritance provided it’s proven beyond reasonable doubt that the twins belong to her late husband.

Fidel Odinga succumbed in 2015 without a will, setting a hot ground for contest.

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