Ida Odinga Reveals That Fidel Sired Twins With ‘Mpango wa Kando’ as Her War With Fidel’s Widow Gets Nasty

    The war between the Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga’s family and the late Fidel Castro Odhiambo Odinga’s widow Lwam Bekelle gets nasty as Fidel’s mother Ida Odinga reveals a secret that she has kept since 2015 when Fidel died.

    Raila’s wife Ida Odinga finally reveals that her late son Fidel sired twins a boy and a girl with a secret lover identified as Phoebe Akinyi Ogweno.

    Ida Odinga and her a daughter Winnie in the filed case are claimed to have been seeking block Fidel’s Widow Bekelle from administering Fidel’s estate.

    Ida Odinga and her daughter Winnie said Fidel’s sired twins with a secret lover giving it as one of the reasons why Fidel’s widow Bekelle should not be allowed to be the administrator of Fidel’s estate.

    Fidel’s widow Bekelle however, has rubbished Ida’s claims that Fidel sired twins claiming it was the first time her mother-in-law was mentioning that since 2015 when Fidel died.

    Fidel’s Widow said the attached birth certificates to the affidavit in support that her late husband sired twins do not indicate the father of the said twins thus it’s not clear that Fidel fathered them but Bekelle however, said she will include the kids in the list of beneficiaries should it be proven that her late husband Fidel was the biological father of the twins.

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