Children To Surrender 20% of Their Wealth To Parents In New Bill

A 65 year old man from Ugenya, Siaya County has drafted a bill dubbed ‘Okoa Wazazi’ that will have children surrender 20% of their acquired wealth to their parents.

The bill proposes that incase of the death of a child, 20% of his/her wealth will be divided between both parents as a way of giving back to them for their efforts in bringing them up.

According to Odhiambo Ogutu Randiga, the man who drafted the bill, parents become beggars by default when spouses to their children inherit every last coin of the deceased.

As a result, the parents resort to leading a deplorable life with little or no help from the spouses who move on to greener pastures eventually. If the bill is passed to law, parents will be entitled to a 20% non-negotiable share.

The bill will trigger the amendment of the Property Ownership Act to allow parents access their deceased children’s wealth without having to tackle the matter in corridors of justice.

Further Randiga justified the bill saying it will be more secure than a will which can easily be contested in a court of law.

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