Ex Nyakach MP Caught on Camera Seeking Supernatural Assistance After He Went Broke

A video of former Nyakach MP Pollins Daima Ochieng’ seeking divine intervention in a desperate move after losing his multi-million property and businesses has gone viral.

Ochieng who served as lawmaker between 2002 and 2007, publicly admitted he may soon run into bankruptcy if the man of God, Samuel Kakande, does not pray for him.

His wife, Goretty Auma, had taken his portrait and several photos of his stalled projects to Kakande on October 19, upon which the preacher advised she tags him along in the next visit. On Sunday, October 6, hundreds of faithful trooped to Kakande Ministries for spiritual healing from ailments and other generational curses.

The former MP is seen falling down after a powerful prophesy. When it was time for prophesy, each congregant came along with relatives and Goretty wasted no time. She introduced herself and reminded the man of God of their previous encounter.

“You prophesied to me concerning my husband and told me to bring him. He lost property. We lost everything and the property is very true. I want to tell you I brought him and I hope our problems will be over from today,” she told Kakande. After a powerful sermon, few others including Daima’s wife stepped forward for another dose of spiritual nourishment and minutes later, he followed.

In his turn, the politician made known his financial woes he has been battling with away from the public eye. He confessed to have lost a palatial house valued at KSh 20 million, a luxury car and several trucks besides an insistent back ache.

“The prophesy that you gave there is true. I can confirm I lost a house, the house is about KSh 20 million. I had 10 trucks, I lost all of them. I lost a Prado. I lost everything and even now life has become a bit challenging,” he said in a live Glorious Vision TV broadcast.

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