Ungrateful Somalia Brews Another Conflict with Kenya Over Airspace

    Somalia has in the recent past been described as the crybaby adult, who runs to the mother to complain bitterly of petty injustices done to them while building mountains off anthills to impact correctly.

    After writing to the United Nations council to have the super body mediate on the Kenya- Somalia maritime dispute, the Somalian Government has penned another complaint to the UN, this time protesting the violation of it’s airspace by Kenya.

    This is after a Kenyan registered plane, Fokker 50, which was carrying Somali politicians and legislators, flew and landed directly in Kismayu without making a stop at the capital Mogadishu as required.

    The directive to have all planes land at Mogadishu for clearance was arrived at in September this year, following the re-election of the Jubbaland president, Ahmed Madobe.

    It’s alleged that Mogadishu bosses opposed Madobe’s reelection and moved to fault and cancel the election exercise. However, Madobe’s win was upheld after Jubbaland state warned Mogadishu to keep off it’s affairs.

    As a result, Mogadishu put in place the flight sanctions to prevent Madobe’s inaugural ceremony from taking place. Credible reports have said that the beef between Somalia and Kenya is brewed by the fact that Kenyan authorities support Jubbaland’s president.

    This new complaint filed by Somalia Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) will further stamp the deteriorating diplomatic relations between Kenya and Somalia.

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