Video: Khalwale Exposes Raila’s Plan to Drag Ruto Down By Using Kibra By-election Contest

TheFormer Kakamega Senator, Boni Khalwale exposes the ODM leader Raila Odinga’s alleged plan to drag down Deputy President William Ruto into a dirty affair in Kibra by-election.

During a morning political analysis show on NTV media the former Kakamega exposes the ODM leader Raila’s plan to see Ruto ashamed in the Kibra by-election poll.

Khalwale also claimed that the ODM leader Raila Odinga was out to create tension in Kibra ahead of the by-election.

Khalwale revealed that there is a deliberate effort by the ODM party to pull DP Ruto into Kibra by-elections to create a contest between Raila and DP Ruto thorough the candidates the two leaders endorsed.

Khalwale also declared that they will not take any invitation that the fight in Kibra is between Ruto and Raila since Ruto has never set his foot in the Kibra area to campaign for Jubilee candidate.

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