Kenyans in The US Snub ‘Opposition Leader’ Musalia Mudavadi’s Over hyped American Tour

Pundits and observers would argue that Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi has been punching a tad bit above his weight lately.

From crowning himself the hitherto opposition leader to staging jabs albeit weak on President Uhuru Kenyatta and his now brother Raila Odinga. Often touted as the gentleman of Kenyan politics, Mudavadi has been trying to re-invent himself as an assertive and alternative voice for the people at a time when leaders are too busy fighting themselves over 2022 to listen to the plight of the people.

The ANC’s boss’ tour of the United States of America has flopped with reports that only a handful of Kenyans attended his maiden public address.

The tour was tailored towards meeting Kenyans and fundraising in aide of the former Deputy Prime minister’s 2022 presidential ambitions but early signs indicate that Kenyans abroad are less interested in the tour.

Sources said the tour has been reduced to Luhya affairs as only as other tribes decided to give it a wide berth. A few who cared to voice their concerns claimed Mudavadi is too soft and flip-flopish and is not Presidential.

He was accompanied by Sabatia MP Alfred Agoi, Nambale MP Bunyasi Sakwa and former Governor Issa Timany among other leaders including his strategists for his presidential bid including party Secretary General Barrack Muluka.

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Written by Aoko


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  1. Aoko,
    It is incredible reading your article about Hon. Musalia Mudavadi.
    Putting aside your confusing opening paragraphs, your article is basically void of truth. To be credible, you should have attended at least some of the meetings, which based on your article, you did not.
    Hon. Mudavadi’s meetings were well attended by a cross section of Kenyans living in the United States, among them: Kikuyus, Luos, Luhyas, Kalenjins, among others.
    Hon. Mudavadi’s entourage included:Karanja (chair- strategy), Musyoka ( communications), Gov. Isa Timami and other, all of whom you conveniently left out.
    I advise that you at least practice some intellectual honesty in your writing and reporting (if you attend the functions you report on).
    This article is a sample of professional maleficence.

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