Cohen’s Widow Sarah In Denial, Her Name Did Not Feature in The Slain City Tycoon Cohen’s Will

    Cohen's Widow Sarah Wairimu

    Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu got a shock of her life as the murdered City tycoon Tob Cohen did not leave any of his property and money her as the widow but preferred to leave everything to his siblings.

    The slain city Tycoon’s siblings Bernard Cohen, Gabrie Straten witnessed the opening of their brutally murdered brother by lawyer Chege Kirundi at the lawyer’s office in the Nairobi on 20 September 2019.

    Sarah and her Lawyer Philip Murgor failed to show up during the will opening, forcing Lawyer Kirundi to unveil the sealed will after waiting in vain for Sarah’s lawyer Murgor to show up since the opening of the Will was a private affair.

    Sarah Wairimu through her lawyer Philip Murgor had earlier protested against the authenticity of the will making them boycott the opening of Cohen’s will.

    Cohen’s Sibling and Lawyer Kirundi

    The city Tycoon Cohen willed their Ksh400 million matrimonial home, which has been the center of a dispute, to his sister Gabrielle Van Straten and her children.

    On his will, Tob Cohen also gave 50% of his estate to his sister Gabrielle, 25% to his nieces and the remaining 25% to his elder brother Bernard Cohen.

    Cohen’s family close source revealed that the slain Tycoon Tob had Ksh150 million in two separate bank accounts of which one account had Ksh100 million and the other account Ksh50 million.

    The amount in Cohen’s bank account is to be shared only between Gabrielle and Bernard with the former’s children also benefitting from their uncle’s magnanimity.

    The lawyer who was the custodian of Cohen’s will assured the press that the will had not been tampered with as had been earlier alleged in a section of the media.

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