Cohen’s Will is Legitimate, Cliff Ombeta to Philip Murgor While Addressing the Media Over Cohen’s Burial

    Lawyer Philip Murgor and Lawyer Cliff Ombeta

    The brutally murdered businessman Tob Cohen’s family lawyer Cliff Ombeta has thrown away claims that Cohen’s will has been compromised.

    Lawyer Cliff Ombeta accuses Philip Murgor the Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu’s lawyer of spoiling the reputation of lawyer Chege Kirundi whose firm was contracted to by the late Tob Cohen to prepare the will.

    Addressing the media over the slain businessman Tob Cohen’s burial at Bruce House Ombeta said it is so unfortunate that Murgor is trying to throw mud into the water and claiming no one will bath in that dirty water.

    Cliff Ombeta told Sarah’s Lawyer Philip Murgor to challenge the will in the correct way if he thinks the will is illegitimate rather than soiling someone’s name.

    Ombeta confirmed the will of the slain businessman Tob Cohen was sealed and nobody tampered with it hence it is legitimate and they will read it in public.

    Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu the main suspect in her husband’s murder, refused to attend the will reading session claiming the will document was tampered with after a local day allegedly published what they Sarah described as the content of the will on September 16.

    The article was showing that Tob Cohen left his sister Gabrielle Van Straten an Sh400m-villa prompting Sara Wairimu to cast doubts on the legitimacy of the will.

    The businessman Cohen will be interred at the Jewish Cemetery along Wangari Mathai Road, Nairobi, on September 23 in a private burial ceremony.

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