Willy Paul Ranked Best Artist In Kenya

Willy Paul

A recent consumer study revealed that Kenyan music was slowly scaling down from substance to trashy. However the same study put Will Paul at the helm of Kenya’s music scene.

Willy Paul is ranked as Kenya’s best musician who has the potential to represent Kenya on galas like MET and BET. Pozee who has received backlash in every musical step he makes is celebrated for attracting International traffic to his music videos.

Pozee who is not a favorite to many Kenyans, has managed to develop a thick skin to withstand online bullies who dismiss his music as a kid’s play. While his music is not everyone’s cup of coffee, Pozee has made it clear time and time again that he’s not under anybody’s set of rules.

Pozee started off as a humble gospel musician but slowly found his way to the secular bandwagon. Though he has never openly announced his musical stand, his current songs has every ounce of gospel written on it.

Recently he carried an online interview for women with big derriere to be featured in his music video, Chuchuma.

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