‘Only My Wife Can Shout at Me Because She Has Given Me Five Sons,’Duale to Gladys Wanga as Chaos Mar Parliament

Some would argue that National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale is a perfect example of a chauvinist.

Celebrated scholar Prof. Makau Mutua once described him thus: “Duale has an ungoverned mouth. There’s no other way we can account for Mr Duale’s constant drivel of toxic matter from his beak. Either the man speaks before he thinks, or doesn’t apply his noggin at all.”

On Thursday, the Garissa MP faced off with a section of female MPs during the debate of a class six girl who committed suicide after allegedly being shamed for having her menstrual periods in school.

Duale quoted a report from the Teacher’s Service Commission which indicated that the 14-year old girl had access to pads.

The MP went on to say that the matter should be treated as any other crime involving suicide, hinting that female MPs were politicizing the issue.

I want to thank the TSC because they have done a very comprehensive report showing that the girl had pads which were delivered by TSC. I think the best way from here is to treat it as a crime and the only person who can deal with that matter is the DCI. During the budget, female MPs wanted sanitary pads to be under the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) so maybe that’s the politics they are playing here,” the Garissa Township MP stated.

The comment did not go well with female MPs who protested in loud voices. A seemingly irked Duale picked on Homa Bay Woman Rep Gladys Wanga and accused her of shouting at him.

“We are not in the county assemblies, I have listened to Millie Odhiambo and Mbadi, give me a chance to speak now let me speak. Gladys Wanga, you cannot shout at me because you are not my wife. She is the only one who can shout at me because she has given me five sons, or my mother. I am the MP for Garissa and you represent Homa Bay,” Duale said as men cheered while the women lawmakers jeered.

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