Ezekiel Mutua Holds Babu Owino and Media Responsible For Consolata Kid’s Moral Rot

    Ezekiel Mutua

    Following a viral video in which a standard four pupil from Consolata Primary School was spewing obscenities, KFCB’s Ezekiel Mutua has come out to lay the blame on the Kenyan media and ill mannered legislators for the kid’s open moral rot.

    According to Mutua, legislators who openly use vulgar language while addressing their colleagues condition children to thinking that’s how people should relate with each other. Mutua used Babu Owino as an example saying he’s well known for vulgarity even on live TV.

    In addition, Mutua divulged that running controversy, mostly by the clergy and celebrities, to attract clout, clicks and traffic for personal gains has contributed to the young generation absorbing it as a rite of passage in pursuit of stardom and success.

    Further, he added that the Kenyan media had a hand in driving the vulgarity narrative among the young ones. In his wisdom, Mutua says that the unprofessionalism displayed by Kenyan media in airing dirty content contributes to growing immorality.

    The Consolata Kid has been trending for 3 days now. The kid has been daring the online audience by shamelessly creating vulgar online content and sharing it on social media.

    In his recent video, the kid could be heard glorifying homosexuality and flossing how he is well endowed than thousands of Kenyan females. The kid schools at the Consolata school which was one of Kenya’s Ivy league institutions but whose glory died recently when rampant bullying was reported in the school.

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