Mt Kenya Elders Spit Curses Onto Tanga Tanga Brigade

Mt. Kenya elders have threatened to curse disrespectful legislators allied to the Tanga Tanga brigade.

The elders were responding to the shameful incident in which Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, was harshly heckled by rowdy youths at the Kagumo market opening ceremony.

The Kirinyaga elders accused a section of MCAs of being enemies of progress in the region. The elders noted that those MCAs who were working tirelessly against the dully elected leaders were making the region lag behind in matters development.

In a strict warning to the disrespectful fellows, the elders cautioned the junior leaders to desist from recruiting youths to cause havoc at functions or risk fatal curses.

”We are cautioning MCAs against the habit of fighting the executive, they should play their oversight role without fighting other leaders,” said the elders’ chairman, Cyrus Githaka.

Further the elders demanded an apology from the lawmakers who orchestrated the plan to bully and ridicule, Anne Waiguru. Waiguru was presiding over an opening ceremony for a local market in her area when rowdy youth stormed the event hauling profanities.

The Kirinyaga elders form an integral role in the community’s decision making process. They are tasked with driving sense into stray leaders and generally performing a gate keeping role that keeps the electees in check.

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